I was worried about you and read your article again. You accepted. You negotiated your rate. You basically negotiated the whole deal (taxes, etc.). So it's agreed by you and the company. And it looks like that was more than a couple of days ago. Do you still have a choice?

The race card is the new Ace card

Photo by Amin Moshrefi on Unsplash

A New York City restaurant hostess is resting at home. She was beaten up by some hungry customers. Customers who were too hungry to show proof of vaccination.

Watch the video and wonder what we are coming to. The 22-year-old is attacked by three Black women. There’s also a guy wearing red underwear running around. Whatever.

Before we jump to any conclusions, no, the women aren’t anti-vaxxers. Not even hungry anti-vaxxers.

Justin Moore, their lawyer, said they all had proof of vaccination. So why beat up someone who’s just doing their job? According to Moore, because the vaccination proof was…

The first time was bloody

Photo by Dave Alexander on Unsplash

I have never blocked anybody. The comments on my stories are harmless. Maybe my articles aren’t “thought-provoking.”

I don’t know. I don’t care. I don’t write for money but for pleasure. And the interaction with some pretty funny writers on this platform. Who keep things light. Who are professional. And don’t take themselves seriously. I’m looking at you Terry L. Cooper, Sherry McGuinn, and Terry Trueman.

Did I mention that they don’t take themselves seriously?

So, I was surprised to get attacked for what I thought was an interesting article. How I quit smoking. Just my story. …

KS Copeland

Lighthouse keeper, rainbow chaser, truth seeker — every minute counts.

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